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Taking advantage of big data analytics (BDA) and cloud computing, the Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) is a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse platform that addresses the data analytics, ad-hoc queries and dashboard needs of healthcare professionals, and the need for Health Informatics standards. Its benefits are multifaceted and far reaching, as the collection, management and use of health information are vital to continued efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of country’s health system. MyHDW will ultimately allow health leaders to ensure quality healthcare is delivered, resulting in improved health outcomes.


Healthcare Authority faces challenges in maintaining and providing a responsive health system with ever-increasing expectations from its citizens; changing trends in disease patterns and socio- demography; a need for greater integration, accessibility and affordability; and a requirement for increasing efficiencies. Moreover, with increasing use of evidence-based decision-making and performance measurements, the country will require access to trusted health data and information.

To meet the diverse needs of timely health information provision and management, the Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) was created as a platform to standardize and integrate health data from a variety of sources, for example: Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records and Clinical Administrative Systems. This will establish a trusted source of information that can be used to better manage the health system, provide surveillance information and offer a valuable source of data for research.

Technical Solution:

MyHDW solution for MOH is based on technology platforms that are developed locally. These platforms are linked together to establish a complete, robust and open Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse for producing hundreds of national health reports, ad-hoc queries and dashboards. The MyHDW solution is a focal yet scalable platform that empowers various MOH business units to produce and access relevant reports and drill deep into its data marts.

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The MyHDW is designed to start small and scale out once MOH needs to add more data sources to the data warehouse. This will be done by taking advantage of the availability of new technologies such as BDA and cloud computing. MyHDW runs on browsers, eliminating complex client installation and management. It can conduct high speed analysis with data acceleration and answer various critical business questions fast. The solution is secured by an indigenous IT security framework at each level of data processing, and also secured by a tight identity and role management component.

For MOH, MyHDW provides access to national health information that is accurate, timely and trusted; presents an integrated and consolidated view of the nation’s health; effectively delivers key performance indicators (KPIs) of the Ministry; and ensures its long-term sustainability.

Business Benefits

The collection, management and use of health information are vital to the continued efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of Country’s health system. MyHDW allows health leaders to better measure performance to make sure quality care is being delivered, resulting in improved health outcomes. It will also ensure health-care spending is linked to measureable outcomes. Leveraging on this solution, MyHDW elevates the efficiency of the Health Informatics Centre (HIC) to a higher level in providing trusted data and information within MOH and eventually to the public.

MyHDW’s key benefits include high quality and trusted source of information that allow the effective management of the health system; data access in a secure and privacy-sensitive manner; integrated, interoperable and comprehensive data drilling that answers questions across the continuum of care; support research and surveillance requirements; output provisioned at a variety of levels and through different tools and interfaces; and increased analytical productivity and efficiency.

The Future:

MyHDW can be expanded to include more data sources and capabilities, among others an ICD 10 Auto Code Generator to help medical record personnel assign ICD codes to medical records. MyHDW’s BDA infrastructure can be boosted to enhance its analytics capabilities. Adding more data sources from various systems will also expand the horizon of data analytics for the entire MOH.

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